Tailored Professional Career Development

Select and connect with a mentor to enhance your professional trajectory and skill repertoire. Acquire knowledge and receive insightful advice that accelerates your progress towards the next stage of your career development.

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Personalized Growth Journeys

Explore and select a tailored development path with direction from your mentor to achieve targeted objectives and key milestones.

Easy to use

Search & Connect

Look for your perfect mentor considering their positions, expertise, and background.

User friendly

View Business Impact

View requirements and understand the outcomes your particular development path will facilitate.

Key Modules Overview

Peer Recognition

Connect With Your Mentor

Find and engage with a suitable mentor within your organization, matching interests, positions, and competencies.

Leadership Recognition

1:1 Chat

Conduct confidential discussions with your mentors, providing updates on your development progress and achievements.

Leadership Development

Search & Connect

Look for your perfect mentor considering their functions, expertise, and background.

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Unlock Effective Information Sharing and Collaboration with Peer Networks on SkillSmith. Foster Innovation and Leverage Your Team's Expertise.

What is SkillSmith's Recognition feature?

SkillSmith's Recognition feature is a powerful tool that enables employees to acknowledge and celebrate each other's achievements, contributions, and milestones within the organization. It creates a culture of appreciation and motivation.

These FAQs should provide you with valuable insights into SkillSmith's Recognition feature. If you have more specific questions or need further information, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Recognize and Reward Excellence

SkillSmith cultivates peer appreciation, enhancing feelings of achievement and affirmation among team members. This inherent motivation, stemming from colleague recognition, acts as a robust catalyst for ongoing involvement and efficiency, inspiring continuous peak performance.

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