Learn from the Experts

Access rich coaching content designed by industry veterans with years of corporate coaching experience. Easily schedule 1:1 sessions with our coaches for personalized guidance that boosts key organizational strengths and addresses weaknesses.

  • Learn: Get coached by veteran Subject Matter Experts
  • Adapt: Apply the skills that are imperative to career growth
  • Succeed: Create organizational success with our coaching programs
Incentives and Gamification
Insight Analytics

Reliable Support System

Our platform offers you a support system that builds employee confidence and trust in their workplace. Your employees can reach out to our coaches for feedback, clarification, and support so they can grow uninhibited.

  • Live Chat: Reach out to coaches 24/7 for guidance
  • Calendar: Schedule and track sessions easily
  • Feedback: Get valuable feedback on assignments and overall progress

Case Study-Based Methodology

Case study-based coaching methodology boosts critical thinking for easy application derived from real-life scenarios. Our case studies provide an array of scenarios where employees had to apply their newly learned skills to address challenging situations or improve their workplace environment.

  • Analyze: Learn proven techniques that are key to goal accomplishment
  • Apply: Your employees apply their learnings to real-life scenarios
  • Adapt: Change perspectives by developing key employee strength
Incentives and Gamification
Insight Analytics

Resource Sharing

Determine personalized focus areas for your employees and create custom goals for them to achieve. Our platform allows exchange of valuable coaching content and important information among program managers and employees in real-time.

  • Share: Share files in rich format for team members to customize learning
  • Post Content: Create unique content in community forums or seek expert advice
  • Seek Evaluation: Employees share assignments for evaluation

Gamification and Rewards

Generate continuous momentum as your employees earn exciting rewards for achieving goals and completing tasks. As progress is made, learners get recognized for their effort, making learning fun and rewarding.

  • Sense of Accomplishment: Virtual badges motivate employees to accelerate learning
  • Kudos: Employees receive kudos for exceptional performance or goal accomplishment
  • Fast-track Results: Adjust the pace of learning based on your employees’ progress
Insight Analytics
Insight Analytics

Analytics and Reports

Track individual and team performance with advanced analytics. Gain actionable insights that lead to business results.

  • Monitoring: Gain insight into your team’s performance with intelligent analytics
  • Performance: Create custom goals before or during progress to accelerate skill adoption
  • Track: Download valuable data reports in rich-format to fine-tune or boost learning

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