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Our customers have a relentless focus on improving their user experience and boosting loyalty through coaching. SkillSmith’s platform has enabled them grow up to 45% with industry-leading features which are designed to accelerate engagement and develop organizational skills that boost productivity.


We Have Experience in Serving Employees at Leading Brands

PeopleShare offers innovative staffing solutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West. We are glad to have them on our platform, accessing our customer success coaching.

Julie Vos creates artistically designed jewelry that symbolize elegance with luxury. We take pride in being a part of their employee development efforts.

SkillSmith is actively engaged with Cincinnati Works, working with them to help candidates develop future-ready skills through our platform that promises a bright career ahead.

OXOS Medical is the leading designer, developer and manufacturer of cloud-connected medical imaging solutions in the US. SkillSmith takes pride in helping them create a positive workplace culture and build employee skills.

Golden Valley Corp is a Minnesota-based retail business with a highly competent workforce that's dedicated to offering excellent customer service. SkillSmith is working with them to boost their staff's customer service skills.

Performance Painting has a team of highly trained and certified professionals who offer services through the U.S. SkillSmith’s employee development platform is helping them develop skills that boost their productivity and performance.

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