Assess and Respond

Mentees will receive insightful critiques from mentors who share their knowledge and proficiency on the best approaches to situations and achieving success.

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Key Modules Overview

The SkillSmith Team Room offers diverse viewpoints and collective ideation to address multiple challenges. Utilizing the Team Room capabilities, you can execute surveys for precise information, conduct polls to gather opinions, and use trivia for assessing knowledge.

Collaborate with Mentors

Skilled mentors will offer insightful feedback to mentees, based on specific situations. Log each step of this personalized growth and career development journey.

Direct Dialogue

Evaluate the mentor's feedback critically, understanding its deeper significance from the mentor's perspective.

Improve Through Direction

Mentees will actively improve in areas guided by mentors, systematically documenting this progress in the Growth Journey.


Gain powerful knowledge

Mentors offer insightful and constructive feedback to mentees, illuminating their areas of improvement and potential growth opportunities, while also presenting distinctive perspectives that mentees may have previously overlooked.

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    Easy Access

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    Direct Communication

    Have direct 1:1 communication


Driving Collaboration and Creativity: Team Room, the space for creative brainstorming, encourages innovation and collective problem-solving with SkillSmith.

How do mentees receive feedback?

Mentors will be providing feedback through direct messages.

Unlocking Collective Creativity and Productivity

The Team Room cultivates inventive ideation and cooperative resolution by harmonizing team members around mutual goals. It stimulates imaginative approaches via engaging trivia and interactive polling functionalities.

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