Knowledge Checks

Evaluate Understanding of Topic / Skill

Offer your employees targeted assessments that gauge their grasp of the relevant subjects and skills assigned.

  • Ensure your team has fully absorbed the critical knowledge necessary for enhanced role performance and growth.
  • Determine the present skill level and understanding of your employees.
 Technology in Education
 Technology in Education


Enhance Understanding Proficiency

  • Elevate expertise levels in soft skills and career progression training.
  • Boost mastery ratings in tailored subject areas.


Focused Achievements


Anticipated Success Rates

Core Module Summary

Design Tailored Quizzes

Our soft skills training includes ready-to-use quizzes, alongside the option to craft diverse custom quizzes featuring varied formats like multiple choice, true or false, and brief responses.

Oversee Monitored Assessments

Facilitate closely supervised exams, equipped with features for setting time constraints and overseeing through screen capture and webcam footage. Administrators can then review these meticulously monitored exams.

Acquire Valuable Analytics

Examine each employee's skill scores and understanding levels. Gain access to critical data points gathered following the execution of knowledge evaluations.

Creating Standards

Establish Guidelines for Your Workforce

  • Offer your staff a streamlined learning journey, ensuring they have a straightforward method to acquire insights.
  • Evaluate your team's grasp of the material via thorough knowledge assessments.
  • Enable your employees to apply their newly acquired expertise, demonstrating their confirmed understanding in actual work environments.
 Technology in Education

The Importance of Innovative Thinking

Maximize your organization's capabilities with SkillSmith's Idea Networks. Encourage effortless exchange of knowledge, interdisciplinary excellence, and key learnings throughout different departments and regions. Observe as your employees ignite groundbreaking concepts and perspectives, setting the stage for remarkable corporate accomplishments.

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