Cultivate Skills, Foster Success

Utilizing the evidence-based COM-B model, your employees will access essential soft skills training crucial for fostering constructive behavioral transformations.

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Transformation Backed by Research

The rigorously analyzed COM-B method is established as a potent strategy for inducing positive behavioral shifts.


Focused Achievements


Projected Return on Investment


Anticipated Results


Knowledge Spaces

The Ideal Environment for Soft Skills Enhancement

Create a specialized center for specific soft skills, whether mandatory or elective, for your workforce.


Concise Learning: Videos are crafted as brief, digestible segments for easier assimilation of essential knowledge.


Interactive Dialogues: Establish a space for dynamic discussions, ideas, inquiries, practical applications, and problem-solving.


Organized Learning Events: Coordinate educational gatherings and workshops focused on the designated soft skills.

Soft Skills

Mastering Essential Professional Abilities

Select the right soft skills for training and advancement.

  • Library Selection: Employees can pick and engage in soft skills training programs from an extensive library.

  • Achievement Targets: Attain designated milestones in the training process and commemorate these accomplishments.

  • Certification Achievement: Successfully complete the soft skills training and acquire a digital certificate, marking the fulfillment of the course.


Knowledge Checks

Acquiring Essential Insights

Facilitate comprehension assessments for your employees on the assigned subjects or skills.

  • Interactive Quizzes: Develop diverse quizzes with multiple features. These can include multiple-choice questions, true/false statements, and short answer formats for comprehensive knowledge evaluation.

  • Structured Examinations: Offer in-depth examinations to ascertain complete understanding of the assigned subjects or skills. The module enables time restrictions and monitoring via screen and webcam recordings.

  • Performance Analysis: Administrators can access and review employee scores to determine proficiency and understanding levels.

Team Room

Case Studies

Practical Workplace Applications

Examine case studies reflecting actual workplace scenarios, illustrating the application of newly acquired skills in navigating specific challenges and fostering success.

  • Analysis: Delve into potential workplace scenarios and explore how various strategies can effectively address these situations, leading to successful outcomes.

  • Dialogue: Employees will engage in discussions with colleagues about particular scenarios, sharing insights on how they would approach and resolve these challenges.

  • Innovation: Team members will craft and present original case studies, showcasing their comprehension and ability to apply skills and techniques to surmount obstacles and achieve success.


Igniting Collaboration and Creativity: Training, a center for education and growth, cultivates skill-enhancing programs via SkillSmith.

What are Knowledge Checks?

Knowledge checks are quizzes and proctored exams that can gauge if your employees have obtained important information that was assigned to them.