Alerts and Actions

Establish, Oversee, and Implement

Develop crucial notifications for vigilant compliance supervision. Enable your team to undertake necessary measures for adherence and achieving success.

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Maximizing Your Message

Notifications & Controls

Configure personalized alerts within the system to prompt your team on essential actions for compliance, training, and response strategies.

Alerts and Actions Channels

Switchable Signals

Establish critical alerts that contribute to your employees' success.

Interactive Feedbacks

Immediate Alerts

The system will promptly inform your employees when specific conditions are activated.

Core Features Summary

Dynamic Discussions Channels

Effortless Connectivity

Establish and facilitate straightforward access for crucial alerts and messages.

Interactive Feedbacks

Fluid Compatibility

Merge effortlessly with your existing technological frameworks through smooth Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

detailed monitoring

Comprehensive Oversight

Enable your employees to monitor and respond to essential notifications efficiently.

Easy Access

Stay Informed Anywhere

Notification Delivery

Notification Delivery

Dispatch and obtain notifications across web and mobile platforms.

User friendly

Intuitive Usability

Effortless user experience for easy navigation.



How do I set alerts?

Admins will have access to the back-end modules that allow you to toggle and set triggers that alert your employees.

Establish Notifications & Initiate Responses

Develop critical alerts to prompt your employees for targeted action.

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