Institute Safety and Compliance Norms

Embrace a set protocol for ensuring safety, adhering to regulations, and actions aligned with your organization's policies and national legal requirements.

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Enhanced Focus on Precautionary Measures

Engage in safety practices and procedures that emphasize proactive prevention for your team.


Focused Achievements


Anticipated Decrease in Mishaps


Projected Results


Alerts and Actions

Configure Alerts

Initiate notifications to guide your employees' responses.


Effortless Connectivity: Establish and facilitate straightforward access for crucial alerts and messages.


Fluid Compatibility: Merge effortlessly with your existing technological frameworks through smooth Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.


Comprehensive Oversight: Monitor the receipt and engagement with alerts by your team.

Preventive and Corrective Actions

Develop Checklists & Execute Measures

Retrieve, devise, and upload extensive trainings focusing on prevention and procedural strategies.

  • Custom Training Uploads: Design or import bespoke compliance training unique to your organization.

  • Library Utilization: Leverage our accredited compliance training, crafted by industry authorities.

  • Comprehension Evaluation: Confirm your employees' understanding of critical compliance details through thorough knowledge assessments.


To-Do Lists

Establish Detailed Action Items

Formulate checklists encouraging safety, reaction, and cognizance in relation to your organization’s compliance training.

  • Action Plan: Construct task lists fostering exemplary conduct in the workplace.

  • Performance Tracking: Obtain detailed reports and key performance indicators for every staff member.

  • Completion Oversight: Supervise the advancement of your employees in the allocated compliance training.



Holistic Understanding of All Assigned Compliance Trainings

  • Generate Credentials: Craft bespoke certifications for each compliance training program you implement.

  • Confirm Achievement: Keep track and verify that all your employees have successfully completed their training.

  • Celebrate Achievements: Export and distribute the digital certificates of completion.


How do I upload my own compliance training to the portal?

Admin can upload trainings in the back-end where you can simply click and drag files to our system. It’s that easy!

The Significance of Compliance Training

Ensure that your employees adopt optimal practices that safeguard your organization against potential risks. Establish uniform operational protocols.

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