Simplify Employee Health and Safety Compliance Management

Our solutions help manage safety, sustainability, and compliance in your organization. Combine analytics with practical tools for efficient Employee Health and Safety management. Access your data easily on mobile devices and integrate with other systems through seamless API connections.

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      Compliance Tracking

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      Smart Form Access

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      Lead & Lag Indicators

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    Anticipated Reduction in Incident Rates


    Projected Increase in Compliance Efficiency


    Expected Decrease in EHS Data Inconsistencies
    Proactive Safety Strategies

    Proactive Safety Strategies

    Integrate technologies and methodologies to address workplace safety and environmental challenges through conversational channels.

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      Design channels specified for safety

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      Increase Employee Health and Safety awareness

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      Promote open dialogue on safe environments

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    Implement Corrective and Preventive Actions

    Mitigate risks with Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) functionality, preventing incidents, addressing non-conformities, and utilizing indicators for effective decision-making.

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      Address non-conformities systematically

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      Prevent incidents proactively

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      Utilize leading/lagging indicators for forecasting

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    Health & Wealth Initiatives
    EHS Compliance Management

    Streamline the Process

    Customize dashboards, generate comprehensive reports, and monitor employee activities to ensure adherence to standards and training requirements.

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      Prioritize essential indicators on dashboard

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      Access 700+ report type options

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      Track employee activities and compliance

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    Optimize Processes with Integration

    Streamline employee forms and procedures with smart forms and seamless API integrations for improved efficiency and decision-making.

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      Create personalized forms quickly

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      Reduce technology fatigue

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      Enhance data-driven decisions

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    Incident Reporting and Response Systems

    Enhance Organizational Development with Proven Tactics.



    Facilitate seamless connections and collaborations.



    Nurture development and provide direction.



    Enhance competencies and expertise.



    Remain prepared for regulatory requirements.

    Inclusive Connection Hub

    Explore SkillSmith's dynamic platform to connect over shared interests and backgrounds, enriching your workplace with diverse perspectives.

    Empathy-Driven Dialogue

    Participate in meaningful conversations at SkillSmith, where empathy shapes an inclusive and understanding work culture.

    Collaboration Across Borders

    SkillSmith breaks down silos, fostering cross-functional teamwork and a blend of diverse talents and insights.

    Cultural Tapestry Weaving

    Engage with SkillSmith's workshops and case studies to weave a harmonious cultural tapestry in your workplace.


    Enhance Knowledge Exchange and Teamwork with SkillSmith's Discussion Platform. Cultivate Creativity and Maximize Your Team's Collective Skills.

    Can we utilize the system as an EHS management technology?

    We are designed to serve as an EHS management technology helping in areas of Environment, Health, and Safety. All of our modules will be designed to serve as a managing tool in creating success in EHS for your organization.

    Comprehensive EHS Matters

    Provide a safer, healthier, and environmentally conscious work environment through SkillSmith. Elevate your standards, ensure compliance, and boost productivity. Choose excellence in EHS.

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