Maximize ROI With Smart Learning Data Analytics & Insights

Harness the power of Predictive Analytics and AI for a data-driven workplace learning strategy. SkillSmith’s intelligent data analytics dashboard helps you manage individual and team-level learning curves effectively to increase workplace productivity, talent retention, and a positive impact on the ROI.

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Cultivate Motivation With Personalized Performance Tracking

Employee performance tracking is crucial to meet the organization’s learning as well as strategic goals without any difficulties. SkillSmith’s data analytics platform provides comprehensive performance data visualizations and insights to help make learning more effective.

Our robust performance tracking system benefits both the employee and the organization as it:

  • Improves employee performance and efficiency
  • Identifies employee strength and weaknesses
  • Encourages innovation and creativity
  • Determines individual skills and recognizes the best role for each employee
Advanced Reporting

Make Informed Decisions With Advanced Reporting

Imparting workplace learning is one thing, but delivering a successful learning experience is what makes an impact! SkillSmith’s downloadable performance reports provide details of how your training is going, indicate improvement areas, and provide insights on how training is improving the overall performance.

You can access different reports in rich-format that will reflect:

  • Training progress and course completion
  • Time and activity logs
  • Gamification report and leaderboard
  • Online assessment results

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