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Custom Objectives

Objectives provide an enrichment pathway for developing, upskilling, reskilling & getting certified. All Objectives have tasks tailored to individual profiles and act as directed nudges to meet the competency requirements for the objective.

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The microlearning content is perfect for delivering just-in-time training while maximizing learning on how to use critical skills in real workplace situations. With video based interactive content and assessments to follow up on what has been learned, we have optimized the experience for adult learners to maximize engagement.

Micro learning

Case Studies

Examine case studies and how you can apply soft skills in real workplace situations. Utilizing a case study-based methodology approach offers unique opportunities for learners to try out their skills in low-pressure situations while preparing to face real-world challenges.

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Facilitate better communication among employees, coaches, and trusted mentors with topical discussion channels and forums. Our community-focused communication channels offer a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages creative thinking, idea exchange, and sharing of practical tips.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Get mentored & coached by leading subject matter experts. Learn how you can upskill, reskill & get certified towards your professional career growth. You can count on someone who is truly interested in helping you overcome unique challenges you face and succeed against all odds.

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The Path to an Empowering Employee Experience

SkillSmith transforms your success strategy by connecting career development, employee engagement, and performance management in one unified solution.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Investing in employee professional development is not just an option, it's a necessity. By nurturing the growth of your workforce, you're not only enhancing individual skills and knowledge, but also cultivating a thriving organizational culture that fosters innovation, productivity, and loyalty.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Our platform is designed to drive 360° growth of your employees. Let us help you achieve a vision of an equitable & vibrant workplace.

Expand Your Workforce

Expand Your Workforce

Gain access to an exclusive pool of talented candidates who are certified & upskilled to meet the growth demands of your organization.

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